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OMG! OMG! WTF! I SEE DEAD PEOPLE…in my LIVING room…(this film is not altered) October 25, 2009

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I was up at 3:15 am messing around with my PS-3 and caught THIS on tape…(Notice the eyes carefully…) and NO! Contrary to popular belief it’s NOT Lisa being filmed actually CLEANING…)

I’ve tried for HOURS to replicate this phenomenon – used the same settings and everything – and it hasn’t displayed anything remotely like what you’ll see….and I don’t believe in this shit so I’ve been looking for answers for 2 days…


Feed the homeless…go to jail… October 11, 2009

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I think one of the signs of acceptance of the red pill is the day you first recognize it’s always going to taste bitter …and  you ask for it anyway.  I think the reason I have been on the red pill/blue pill tangent lately is that  I’m  starting to thaw out. Things that just didn’t bother me before, bother me now.  Not enough to stay awake at night and ponder on it (I have the more common, yet inane things to accompany me there), but enough to start a blog about it.

Another weird thing that has been going through my mind lately is how society tolerates, no – “encourages” us- to become “numb” to the suffering of each other. And just in case we forget to feel nothing, we always have reinforcements to help us remember to forget everything else.  Some are in the forms of movies – which elicit mass bloodshed drawn out to rock and roll, and the music itself – lyrics stating  women are  “bitches” and “busting a cap” is a right of passage.  A two for one on the sale for dehumanization and sensory depravation.

In the past, it only bothered me when I saw injustices visited upon animals, children and the elderly, but now I am seeing in whole new light that we have become, collectively, a universe of beings who have forgotten how to “feel” ANY empathetic emotion – unless it has something to do with us personally.   I am not placing blame on anyone, just stating an observance, – this was me for  a long time, and its the same with a lot of people still. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you numb.

The question that keeps running through my mind when I witness things in person or  in the media like the video I just posted for your “enjoyment” , is why?  WHY would it be OK for any of us to become “numb” to the suffering and injustices visited needlessly upon our fellow human beings?    Then an answer in the form of a quote pops into my mind ” A house divided cannot stand”.  So, along with our other freedoms that have gone the way of the dodo bird,  we have been giving up our inalienable right to “feel” compassion or empathy for anyone who lives “outside our boxes”.  This creates a lack of bond with each other, which if in place, could make us all strong – when we are single and weak – anyone can do anything to us.

I was going to post on the stupidity of a legal system that encourages fat, lazy people to sue fast food for their weight condition, but I think this video deserves our attention more.

Those homeless people – don’t feed them for God’s Sake – you might just cause them to survive one more night. 



Red pill reminders in the news… October 8, 2009

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This is so sad.

There are only a few celebrities I have looked up to from afar – though I’ll never meet them.  Mel Gibson was one.

Bravehart was one of the best movies I have ever seen – I would have married him if I were Lauren – even if people WERE stinky for lack of soap back then.  I thought he had such character.

But then things happened, as they always do when people turned celebrities start to believe their own hype (in no particular order):

1. He has an affair with a supermodel and leaves his wife of many years. 

Ok, a red pill dissuasion to my Mom’s blue pill fantasy #3 on my list:

You find a GOOD MAN who will treat you well and support you.  Then you’ll have a good life with children and a husband who will always love you!

OK that one is understandable.  While certainly a red pill awakening to the “happily ever after” scenario, it’s not uncommon for couples to split up after many years of marriage – especially when they grow apart and have been for many years. Plus we never know both sides of the story.  Sad but very common and happens to LOTS of decent people. Myself included.

But these next ones:

2. Making slanderous remarks on the ethnicity of the jewish people, gets pulled over drunk driving THEN gets it expunged, kinda does away with Moms #5 on the list of “universal truths”.

You will be rewarded for GOOD deeds. People who do BAD will be punished. 

I’m not really upset with Mel.  Hey we all go off the deep end. But the red pill here that’s hard to swallow is that “famous” and “rich” usually coincide with “preferential treatment”, and we are shown this by the very legal system that rules our society. The rich get “juice cards” , the poor – which is everyone is relation to the rich and famous – get ruined, often for life.  And a lot of the times, the average man on the street who has screwed up is just a good person going through a bad time.

So make sure you send our society a thank you card for this red pill.  Don’t blame Mel – idiot though he was – our society created this demi-god (and we’re part of it)


red pill stories: “but the blue pill tastes so sweet….” October 7, 2009

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My Mom and Dad were awesome…are awesome, I mean.  They’re elderly now, and my Mother suffers from alzheimers disease – which means my Dad just suffers period.  (but that’s another red pill story for another time).

Anyway, they really believed in family, marriage unto death, our government, the system.  They took everyone who paid them lipservice at face value as being honest and well-intentioned –  just because the person asked them to.  I guess a lot of the people from my parents generation wouldn’t have had it any other way. In fact, this is a habit I inherited from them – practiced incessently, and paid for …many, many times over the years, and because I was born an idealistic acquarian, it’s been one of the toughest habits for me to break. You know how some people are suspicious by nature – about everyone and everything?  I was the exact opposite – I was sure that everyone was as well-intentioned towards me as I was to them.  Harmless, friendly, trustworthy. yeah… 


So while my sister and I were  growing up, my parents, especially Mom, continually drove like a mantra, a list of irrefutable truths of the universe –  along with golden rules to be strictly followed if we were were to be successful, and more importantly REMAIN HAPPY EVERY AFTER in the this world.  These “pearls of wisdom” were , of course, drilled into their heads by the relatives who had raised them.  Here are a few of the ones that stuck with me the longest:

1. You find a GOOD paying JOB and you STAY THERE…FOREVER.  YOU take care of the COMPANY and that COMPANY will take care of YOU!

2. As long as you’re well-liked you can’t go wrong! Be kind to people. Be a friend. Forgive them. Be good to them and they’ll be good to  you.

3. You find a GOOD MAN who will treat you well and support you.  Then you’ll have a good life with children and a husband who will always love you!

4. America is the ONLY country who has a big enough heart to OPEN it’s doors to the poorer countries – America takes care of EVERYBODY!

5. You will be rewarded for GOOD deeds. People who do bad things get punished in the end.

6. We believe in Jesus! He’s the SON of GOD! Go to church EVERY Sunday – it’s the right thing to do.

7. People in the position of power have worked REALLY hard to get there!

8. Question NO ONE in authority – after all, they must know what they’re doing!

9. Trust in our government – they know what’s best for us!

10. You are safe and warm and protected – God loves you, we love you, our country loves you. 

And we bought into these things, as our parents did before us and their parents did before them.  Over and over and over again. Always without question. Never needing explanations. Our fantasy land of false security. That inheritance of the fabled security blanket.  And we ALL so wanted -no, NEEDED – those things we were told to be true. That we were and always would be protected and warm – as long as we followed the golden rules for “happily ever after” to a T – everything would always be alright. 

I have to admit – the blue pill is very sweet…I swallowed it down like a chocolate pudding pop for a long time. 

 Feel free to share your thoughts and stories on this subject…







The red pill or the blue pill? October 6, 2009

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Would you rather take the “red pill” or “the blue pill”?  Do you know what I mean when I ask you this? 

If you’ve even glanced at the movie “The Matrix” then you’ve probably heard this saying before.  I’ve kind of adopted it lately as my very own –  my mantra for when I’m hit square in the face by the hard cold facts in relation to someone or something,  that up until that point, I believed in.   For those of you who need clarification of the “red pill/blue pill” definition, I found this great site  and grabbed “borrowed” the following  overly simplified excerpt from it; (I’m sure the author won’t mind – the blog is more or less a philosophy essay site, and I gave him or her a link back to boot): 

‘In the Matrix, which pill would you take, the red or the blue?’  
‘The question of which pill to take illustrates the personal aspect of the decision to study philosophy. Do you live on in ignorance (and potentially bliss) or do you lead what Aristotle called ‘the examined life’…’





Whether one chooses to remain “blissfully ignorant” or chooses to lead “an examined life”, this philosophy applies to EVERYTHING we know, or think we know about something or someone, and in life for that matter. Now thinking back, I realize I’ve always instinctively KNOWN this inside-  even when awareness was only subconscious, and I was at the age when I would never admit I didn’t believe in “happily ever after” – like the storybook promised.  But especially within the last 5 years or so my life has undergone some unexpected changes.  Things that aren’t unique to me, but were still traumatic, even though other doors opened – as they always do.  And since then,  I have begun to start paying close attention to the lessons I’m learning from life and the reality of things – both big and small. I also try to listen to my intuition when it tries to warn me about something.  And I’m not always successful with that one.  

As everyone knows, most of what we are told to believe IN and ABOUT in regards to our government, our leaders, the healthcare system, religion etc. oft times doesn’t “jive” with the outcomes we hear  about or witness personally. Actions speak louder than words – a vital thing to remember.  And the intention, the truth, the HEART of a situation,  is always there to be discovered –  you just have to know how to look for it ..and you have to WANT to find it, of course.  Some people don’t. They aren’t ready to lose the blinders.  They aren’t ready for the ugly.  Some will NEVER be ready…voluntarily anyway.  But the blue pill always wears off no matter what someone does to deny the reality of something or someone –  and they end up swallowing a few red pills anyway.  It happens to all of us – whether we’re ready or not.

I was born with a trusting, friendly  and innocent nature, (even if “innocent” no longer applies to me in other departments), and I still have it – but it’s been modified to be on the  alert. I have  become more cautious about the intentions and agendas of certain types of situations and “systems” we deal with in our world – without becoming a negative person. I feel there’s no reason to be bitter when you are taught something you need to know – life is for learning after all, and I am grateful for the education – even if it’s painful at the time.

It’s not my intentions that this blog be confined to posts about any one red pill category or philosophy – anything is welcome here. For starters, I intend to post my “red pill” moments, and readers are welcome to contribute theirs..or comment, disagree – whatever is fine.  Some of my posts will be more on the serious side, others will probably be hysterically absurd and be bagged upon.  I thought it would be enlightening , interesting , and fun to share red pill moments, advice, news stories with whoever feels so inclined. And if nothing comes of this, it will still be another venue in which I can work out things in my heart in words – which I’ve been doing since I could first comprehend them.  

I’m a comedian at heart and up until this point, EVERYTHING I’ve attempted to write about on a serious note has instead, ended up with my photo shopping the face of Mr Hankey on the picture of some deserving public figure –  then shamelessly posting it on my blog for all the world to see.  I’m going to try to keep this one at least a bit more “grown up” and “serious”.  Let’s see if I can do it. 

 That having been said, I’m not ruling out humor here –  it’s one of the “blue pills” I actually welcome that isn’t a liquid substance, or mind-altering – and so far it’s kept me from going postal – so it’s my saving grace.

Tomorrow I will post a couple of my poignant “red pill” moments – please feel free to contribute yours if you wish.


Till then…  



A refresher course… October 6, 2009

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Kind of long…(thankfully it wasn’t the whole movie i posted)